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Why do you like shooting with black and white film so much?

Black and white photography is more expressive while it is ascetic and depicts only the core of things. It is documentary (nonfictional) and surrealistic at the same time, as there are no colors so it’s customary for our eyesight.

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Where do you get inspiration from?

I do not possess inspiration. I feel a need to narrate about my feelings, sometimes I manage to do so. But I want my words to sound more clear. I keep looking for this button on my camera and inside my head.

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How is Russia today for you?

Russia is a bordering country. I live in Ukraine. I was thinking of staying in Moscow for a short time, but it is so huge like a Universe. Half of your life will pass till you get to the required location. Though maybe I’m just walking too slowly.

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Tell us a little about “DEEP SLEEP” project..

Look at my eyes and you’ll grasp everything. I can’t normally sleep; all days look the same, there’s only the illumination which is changing. Every time I leave home I feel grogginess – that is the secret of this photo series and that’s what I wrote in the preface.
“cannot sleep at night. cannot wake up in the morning. photographing half-asleep.”

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How did you discover photography?

It happened gradually, starting from photography web-sites and flickr, then I submerged deeper and now I vanished, I keep watching tons of material and dwell in this world of amazing names.

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What are you favourite artists?

It’s hard for me – Henri Cartier-o stop – Bresson, Robert Capa, Edward Weston, Brassai, Francesca Woodman, Sally Mann, Sarah Moon, Jindřich Streit, Daido Moriyama, Igor Posner, Larry Towell, Valery Schekoldin, Lyalya Kuznetsova, Gueorgui Pinkhassov, Antoine D’Agata,Duane Michaels, Jacob Aue Sobol, Trent Parke, Roger Ballen, Alexander Gronsky… I was staring at photos for 2 years stuck to the monitor. That’s why I can keep talking for so long, that you will fall asleep before I finish.

Interview by Amanda M. Jansson

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