Yoppy, the mastermind behind Little Sunny Bite is one of my favourite Harajuku, Tokyo designers and the best introduction to a KAWAII world. Find out more about LSB and don’t miss her Pop Up Store on the 13th of November as part of Lazy Oaf’s Tokyo Takeover! Go bite into Happy Yoppy’s pastel happy girl universe!


I love the name of your label. How did you come up with it?

Little Sunny is a little girl . Bite means like biting something . All babies are biting everything that they are interested in. People who are mature and grown up , they are thinking like this is too outstanding for me or pink is too sweet for me or there are so many excuses to not choose that kind of  clothing . But I want people to be able to choose anything they like iff they think it’s cute at first sight, like BABIES .


Have you always been interested in fashion? How did you discover this is what you wanted to do in life?

Yes, always : )))  When I was a high school student , I used to come to HARAJUKU almost every weekend.( my home town is 2 hours from TOKYO by train!) At that time , HARAJUKU culture was coming up and that’s when HARAJUKU FASHION was starting. The current HARAJUKU FASHION is all from that time I think . One of my favorite people who is an icon of HARAJUKU FASHION made me LOVE FASHION and HARAJUKU. Her name is TOMOE SHINOHARA. I have not been thinking I absolutely want  to be a designer but I was always involved in the fashion world. I used to be a PR for JOYRICH the last 4 years. That experience made me want to make my brand and PR myself.


All your clothing are very cheerful and happy making! Are you a very happy person? What makes you happy? What upsets you?

I am HAPPY person : ))) I love friends’ smiling faces ; ) So I’m always smiling, makes you smile I think!! What gets me upset is ……. I don’t know .. I don’t like ”LIES”   :((


Do you still have a childhood item or jewelry or something that is your favourite and that you still wear? 

Yes, i have. I have an old vintage Ralph Lauren sweater. It’s so cute , there is a bear on it ♡♡ and I have a pair of cherry earrings  : )))


Your clothing line is now available in Europe. How does this change things for you?

Yes  :)) I’m doing a POP UP store  in London. I’m so excited now!  I’ m selling all over Asia from my first collection but in Europe it is the first time. I’m so nervous about what they think of my brand. But I swear KAWAII is borderless. Little Sunny Bite is my KAWAII world so I want to share it with everyone who loves fashion  : ))))) Please ”bite” my clothing  haha ♡


What is your moto in life?

I want to be a person that people think they want to see again!! I want my brand to be like that too. “I want to see Yoppy again ; ) and I want to wear Little Sunny Bite clothing again” : )))  If people think that way I’m soooooo HAPPY  : )))

Interview by Amanda M. Jansson

Lookbook by Valerie Phillips