I love John Yuyi and so will you. One of the best discoveries I ever made online, Taiwanese John Yuyi, designs the most breathtaking swimwear you’ll ever come across. With studies in fashion design and an incomparable sense of style, this internet princess can create anything she wants really, from art to bodysuits. 


How did you start thinking of designing stuff? What is your background?

I think that ideas always come up from the tiny observations of life. And I really like to think a lot of things in my mind everyday. I have a lot of emotions and feelings about everything. I probably get a inspiration when I see a pile of garbage on street. or the ugly estate advertisements on the light pole, something really cultural and real. Maybe the colour of a temple or a public facility. It’s just an example.
And sometimes inspiration comes from the experience of traveling. You can feel the connection with people and get many kind of emotions at the moment. I usually don’t have a specific and long plan. I just suddenly come up with the idea and I will do it immediately. I am a person of action.I can’t stand doing nothing when I really want to do the projects.
I am 23 yrs old, born and raised in Taipei, Taiwan, I graduated from Fashion Design in Shih Chien University. I am working as a freelancer right now. In 2013, I was in New York and worked as an intern at Jason Wu’s studio. I’m interested in fashion art photography magazines installations ….and planto move to NYC this year or next year.

Why swimwear? why did you decide it was swimwear you wanted to start out with?

After returning to Taiwan form NYC last year , I created multiple miniature clay art installations. In the beginning ,I started playing with clay to soothe my anxiety. And actually my original plan was to do a series photography of “clay project” and publish a zine. But the swimwear idea come out in the middle of the period during creating. The reason I want to do a swimwear collection is that I try to combine what I learn from the fashion design major. And I don’t want to just do a ordinary clothing line. So I think swimwear is a good idea to present my photography work ! It’s more memorable. And people would love to try something more creative and colourful when they are choosing the swimming suit.
Not like normal cloth where they always look for something safe. And the main reason is that I love bodysuit style swimwear !!!
I really want to wear a swimming suit that has my work on it! Not only on the beach or swimming pool, I can also wear it on the street as a bodysuit!

You have a sharp sense of style. what are your influences in fashion?

Hahahaha I am not sure I have a sharp sense of style,am I ? hahahaha. I really like to observe people , I know how to dress up and I know what to wear. I am obsessed with the social network (instagram,facebook) and you can see a lot of information and looks from other people .
Also from my friends. And when I go to a different city I enjoy to see what  people there usually wear. Like Japan for example.
They have their own system of style !!! They might wear different thing but you can strongly feel the consistency they have. I can tell what is popular right now. And maybe I will have some idea whats going next. It’s all about the observation , I think hahaha, I love fashion. I always want to do something related to fashion and art. That’s also what I am doing right now. I try to combine new generation art with fashion.
I am not sure I have many influences in fashion, but I want to do something outside the box. I want to collaborate with lots of artists , photographers , net artists , dancers , film artists,magazines… many kinds of forms where can present our ideas and thoughts. I don’t want to do a normal collection that you have to follow the rule in fashion industry, like you have to do the aw and ss collection.Tthat’s too formal for me.
I always think fashion is multiple. Its about life and culture, and its also related to self ego. You can tell what kind of people they are when you first see them in their style. Its the most interesting part in fashion.


Who would you love to see in your designs? And who are they made for?

Ali Michael, M.I.A, Arvida Byström, FKA twigs, die antwoord , Sussie bubble….hahahahhaa all the cutest girls in the world


There is a bit of internet culture in your work. How has internet culture changed your life?

I have an internet addiction, haha. I can’t stand it when my phone is out of battery. hahaha. I’m always checking Facebook and Instagram ….
Like I said I am obsessed with social network. I release and promote my work on the internet .Thats how people present their work now.
More people from different place can see my works through the internet . If they like the work they will share the link or maybe do a interview on online magazine. Internet culture art is very trendy right now.But actually I don’t think there is too much internet culture in my work,(but some friends say there is internet culture in my work hahahahaha). I love internet culture and I think people all got changed by it nowadays.


What’s coming next? What amazing stuff are you working on at the moment?
After I was traveling in Europe on Sep and Oct. I am now back to Taiwan and I am doing a collaborated project with a taiwanese photographer
I am a person in action, but not a person who have a long future plan. I always do what I want to do at the moment. And I am moving to NYC very soon! Hope to have more opportunities in the future ! :->

Interview by Amanda M. Jansson