Berlin based photographer, Eylül Aslan, is actually much more than just a photographer. She is a creator of dreams. Her photographic work embraces the absurd and the strange in ways she only understands but the enchanting and addictive imagery created speaks to us all.

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How did you get involved with photography?

In 2007 my mother gave me her old camera, ( Nikon f90x which is still my favorite camera ) and I started experimenting with it. Then my cousin convinced me to open up a flickr account and after getting all this attention online, I decided to take it more seriously and started having more photo shoots and also worked as an assistant for a short while. I realized it truly made me happy to be taking photos so I continued…

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Where do you take inspiration from?

I think from everything…but mostly the things that apply to my taste. I love color and I especially like pastel and shiny things. Of course people can be very inspiring as well. I got a literature major so I read a lot and I like telling stories so that also influences my work I think.

Are you working on something right now?

Yes, soon I will be publishing my second book with a Berlin based publisher…

As  a photographer do you prefer to work with people you know or with strangers?

Both…I started with people I know but then after a while I started asking people in the street or parties…When I feel a kind of connection to someone, I go up to them and ask them. It is a great way of making new friends too!

Do you prefer to shoot digital or film and why?

I enjoy taking photos for the sake of taking photos…it is not important if it is digital or film. They both have advantages and disadvantages but I basically take the photo with whatever is with me at that moment.

What would you advice someone who is just starting with photography?

I would say listen to your own voice and be as genuine as you can…there is nothing more original and unique than who you are, your own personality!

Interview by Emma E. K. Jones