Lobbiaz is a french photographer based in Paris. He shoots both digital and analogue always trying to actually create  the photo when he shoots, not afterwards. He seeks to promote what he’d like to call another kind of look in photography and does believe there is something genuine in the underground.

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Do you remember the first picture you took that you really liked?

I remember when I was a kid I went to a sort of day camp for kids. Usualy we would play games and share classic activities around water and other. One day a photographer came. It was “différent” and only a few kids decided to participate in his group.
I shot a rowing boat on the lake. I precisely remember everything of that photo because we made it 100%: shoot, negative, developping… I still have it at home.

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How do you view nudity?

I view nudity as a point of extreme tension in my shootings. But it is not something necessary. It is a mistake to believe that there is more truth in being nude than dressed. It is a mistake to believe that all kinds of nudity are obscene. It is a big mistake to consider that a society who hides bodies or parts of women bodies is in good health. It is also a mistake to believe that pornography is freedom.
In my photos nudity can be what a model gives me because she wants to use my eyes to show herself to the world.

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How does Paris influence your work?

It is hard to say. The real influences on someone’s work are often not the ones he thinks. So I think Paris doesn’t influence me and I live here.

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How important are lights and shadows to you as a photographer?

Lights and shadows are the vector through which we compose lines, frames, forms. It is not everything but it is what we use to write down our images. Write with light (and shadows) is photography.

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How long does a photo session last and what problems have come up?
A photo session lasts at least one hour and can go to a whole day. The problem is that I’m slow. I need to be slow to know what I’m doing. So I ask the models to wait. The other problem is that sometimes we chat and forget the shooting.

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What camera do you prefer to shoot with usually?

I have lots of but my favorite right now is the Polaroïd 600SE.

Interview by Amanda M. jansson



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