Michael Metric is one of my favourite emerging fashion brands. Berlin based and founded by Emanuela Amato and Michael Saba, Michael Metric designs are geometrical, oversized and genderless coming in perfect monochrome or patterns of colour and symmetry combined and can be worn anywhere, anytime, anyhow.


What is the philosophy behind Michael Metric?

Our philosophy is based on the thought that gender and form are no longer under precise laws. Everyone must have the possibility to wear something comfortable with elegance, without formal constrictions ( menswear / womenswear ).


So you decided to design clothes that work for men and women just the same. Why is that?

Our line is all about unisex fashion, the structure of the feminine and masculine from our point of view.  Our research starts from the premise that this dichotomy in clothing is no longer so clear and visible. So for us  it all starts by looking for a fit that can be adapted to both bodies and which serves them in the same way. We believe that our unisex idea is a viable alternative to what already exists. Many women often choose a more casual dress to feel comfortable in and many people are looking for something rather more extravagant; so we position ourselves in the middle providing a fun and stylish alternative that can satisfy both sexes.


Who is the person wearing Michael Metric?

The person who wears our collection is someone elegant, eccentric but refined with the need to be always confident in every situation with their Michael Metric outfit !


What are your fashion inspirations?

Already in the 70s experiments about unisex fashion were carried out, designers such as Rudi Gernreich already argued that the threshold between men and women is not an obstacle but rather a starting point for a study of forms and geometries.

Talking about inspirations of forms I can quickly name Martin Margiela during the 90s or Comme des Garcons, they were so inspiring and innovative.


How easy or difficult is it working together?

This is not our first experience working together, we founded LINE magazine together two years ago, so we are accustomed!! Most people always say that working with your partner or with someone close to you is more difficult and maybe it is, but the joy you can experience when things come out as you want them to is huge. We complete each other in life and working together, so why not?


We are in love with your first collection. What comes next? What do you have in store?

We are glad! Thank you!

We are currently working on the f/w 16, soon we will show you what comes next!!

Interview by Amanda M. Jansson



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