What does nature mean to you?

Nature enables me to escape from reality and be in my own world creatively.

What is the symbolism of water in your work?


Why do you choose to work with polaroids and film?

Polaroid gives me a dreamy affect in my work, it’s like a real painting but, on photograph. It tells a story about my images of what I’m conveying in my work of how I’m feeling at that moment.


What do you do in your every day life?

Right now, I work at a cafe as a barista five days. It gives me flexibility to work on my art. Most of the time, I’m in my own world and love being home creating work or watching documentaries and movies. On my days off, I wonder to my favorite places to soak in nature or take long walks. It seems I discover new things being out and about, which makes me happy.

If you could make a movie, what would it be?

I think I would like to document my life that I experienced in my twenties. I look back at it being a lot of learning experiences within those 10 years. I feel it’s a momentum time for everyone. Changes happen, you go through things good and bad and when you’re in your late twenties you become more at ease with who you are. I think it’s different for others but, that’s what I have experienced.

What project would you like to work on next?

Not sure, exactly at the moment… I’m quite happy of what I am capturing with my self portraits but, it would be great to do a self portrait project across the country (road trip). I think that would be fun to document where I go and the places I explore, especially overseas. There are countries and cultures I want to see and explore more of. Travel is something I would really like to do someday. Also, maybe taking on more collaborations with other fellow artists friends of mine. We’ll see but, for now, I’ll keep creating and inspire.

 Interview by Emma E. K. Jones

Perspective of Illumination, Self Portrait, 2020