Marigo Carmen, a fantastic artist and dear friend, is having her first solo exhibition in Athens, starting today. Marigo Carmen was born in Mexico City and currently lives in Athens. Having graduated from School of Fine Arts in Athens, her work is focused on finding the true and eternal human values that bring people together.  “Pezes del Puerto” is opening this Monday at 20.30 @ Polimichano Café teatral, Athens. 


How did you decide to go for it and study fine arts?  

That is actually a funny story. Ever since I was a child I was constantly drawing and painting anywhere and anytime. I loved reading about art, painters, sculptors. At school it was truly impossible for me to concentrate if I was not painting or sketching. But my relationship with art was so deep that I couldn’t see it until I went to University. I was studying economics and one day that I was sketching a teacher of mine, as always, it suddenly hit me. I wouldn’t be able to paint while working. The shock was so big that I just stood there for hours thinking about it. I just realized at that point that I can’t live without painting. Haha. The rest came naturally. It was an inside drive, curiosity and passion to learn about everything that had to do with art! And Fine Arts School was the way to do that.


Have your studies influenced the way you view art and the way you produce art?  

Yes, it did and in the most positive and productive way too. At the Athens School of Fine Arts you are introduced to all kinds of art. You learn how to “read” a painting, a work of art and how to relate to artists. You get to see what is close to you and what isn’t. Sometimes the criticism of the teachers is hard but it eventually makes you stronger. However, the best part is when you get to meet artists from all over the world as a part of the classes and talk with them about art, its process, purpose, etc, widening your mind. ASFA helped me become more professional in a way, seeking high aesthetics in my work avoiding raw expression by filtering it in many ways making it more sincere.


How do you think painting differs from other forms of art?

Art movement is not about difference, in means more. It can embrace anything. Painting is instinctive. You give a child a piece of paper and a pencil and it draws lines. You see it everywhere: from graffitis on the streets to museums and houses. For me it is the ultimate way of expression and a constant challenge. Painting is all about vibration, color and form. Through it you scream your whole existence.


Where do you get inspiration from?  

When making art anything can trigger the creative process. When seeking inspiration I look into the traditions of my homelands- Mexico, Colombia and Crete. I read a lot, I listen to music and I have long talks with many people (even strangers) about the things that are on their mind. I’m also looking through the work of artists that are close to my own work. That makes me rediscover myself and my roots as well as the things that I need to express at the given moment.


What are the most important things you want to convey through your work?

I am especiaLly interested in finding the True and Eternal Human Values and give them a monumental tribunal. I am looking for connecting points that bring people closer to eachother and unite them. I believe that people are made to be together, to love eachother, to understand one another, to share with eachother. After all, the problems that we all face are of the same nature for everyone. Thus my work is directly connected to the senses, feelings and metaphysical experience.



What are you working on at the moment? Tell us about your exhibition opening today!

Pezes del Puerto is my first personal exhibition. It is about my perpetual journey of discovering and rediscovering myself- a new, truer, higher self through loving them in an absolute way. I want to talk about the new and old self as two sides of the same coin like the roman god Janus. I use more than one means to track that journey that in my reality never ends.It starts this Monday (15-12-14) at 20:30 @ Polimichano Café teatral.

Interview by Amanda M. Jansson