Mika Kuusela, originally from Finland and now living and shooting in Berlin, uses point and shoot cameras to capture city life, underground stations, flea markets, soviet buildings, escalators. His haunting film-like urban scenes, filled with strange lights or just simple sunlight at times are often void of human presence but marked by it at the same time. 

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You are only shooting film. What do you love most about it compared to digital?

I grew up in the analogue age and it is somehow nostalgic. Simple point and shoot cameras give interesting results without any photoshopping.


Do you have a favourite camera? Why or why not?

No, not one single favourite. The analogue point and shooters have pros and cons. Maybe my top three would be LOMO LC-A (Soviet made) Olympus Mju II and Olympus XA. Nikon AF600 is a nice one too.

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Where do you get inspiration from?

Everyday city life that I like to document in my own way. Melancholy and beauty found somewhere usually regarded as ugly. And fine Polish vodka gives me inspiration too.

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Would you ever consider making a film? What sort of a film would that be?

Why not. Definitely a black comedy like Man bites dog. My sense of humour is as black as a chimney.

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You often choose to shoot urban scenes. Why is that?

I live in a big city but I hail from a small industrial town in Finland. Maybe I am still fascinated by big city life. But I love to spend time in nature, forests and mountains.


You live and work in Berlin. What is your favourite area in Berlin when it comes to taking pictures?

Most of my pics are from the inner Berlin. Tube stations, autobahns. There are nice suburbs especially in the eastern Berlin too.

Interview by Robert Chang