Harald Wawrzyniak is a photographer from Carinthia, Austria. In 2012 he took all his stuff and moved out to Graz, where he currently lives and works. Photography was unknowingly there all the time till he discovered his first Dslr in 2009. He has studied at the Academy of Applied Photography where he found his passion for Analogue Photography. His photographs work as mundane tableaux infusing everyday sceneries with a deep sense of harmony and homage for all things as if materializing the universal fact of existence.


How have your studies in photography influenced your work?

The easiest way to answer this question is to say that my photography switched much to -I’m the one making the picture, it’s not the camera. Without my study I wouldn’t be stylistic in my photography… Somehow I also learned how to notice feelings with my eye.


Is Austria an inspirational place for you? Where do you look for ideas?

Yes, somehow… it depends on how much I want to escape everyday life. I’m not especially looking for ideas, I’m more of a vagabond with my camera. Sounds weird but motifs are often finding me. Don’t misunderstand, Austria is a beautiful country, but I guess inspiration depends more on how much you’re surrounded by creative and alternative people/ friends.

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I like your caravan series a lot. What do caravans mean to you? Would you ever live in one?

Thanks a lot! They are meaning a lot to me. I found out, while I traveled in Ireland, that when I saw a caravan it was teleporting me home, in my mind. Also the are looking quiet surreal at some places. A great invention and kind of a confirmationof how much all of us are in love with carrying our homes along. I don’t know if I could live for ever in a caravan, but it’s on my „want to buy“ list for the next journeys.

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Which other forms of art do you feel are close to photography?

All forms of art are close to photography… they’re just in another language.

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Is there something you would love to shoot and something you would never agree to shoot?

Recently a friend of mine asked me if want to take pictures at a rest home and i can’t wait for this great possibility! I would never agree to taking pictures that show pain in the third world. Also I never would agree to unaesthetic nudity.

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What project are you working on at the moment?

The next future project is the rest home documentary what tries to be similar with nebular pictures – Portrait of Alzheimer. Also I’m looking forward to film blinking lights at night.

Interview by Robert Chang



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