With S/S ’15 collection, entitled “Outer Skin”, Digitaria explores the serenity and purity of the human body and how these conditions are shaped, activated or disconnected, when attired.

In S/S ’15 collection colours are muted. Lightweight fabrics, 3mm constructed pleats and clean silhouettes infuse the collection with a subtle ease. Simple, yet tailored forms create an architectural weight opposed to the lightness of the materials.

Digitaria7_SM Digitaria6_SM

The Photographer Kostis Fokas experiments, explores and plays with the human body. Using the Digitaria collection he creates quirky human sculptures, which are hidden behind the clothes but are also as important as what is revealed in this provocative interplay of fashion and acrobatics.

“Through this collection I had the chance to use the bodies as forms inside the garments when there was no actual need to use specific sizes. I really enjoyed my collaboration with Digitaria as we share the same aesthetics and by watching this collection it was very easy for me to get inspired.’’ Kostis Fokas


Digitaria3_SM (1) Digitaria13_SM








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