JumpFromPaper is a fashion brand designing bags with boldness and playfulness, in an attempt to break the rules. Colorful, quirky and always with a sense of humour, JumpFromPaper stands for the passion to make laughs, and encourages people to let their imagination go wild. It is easy to see why they have become one of our favourite young labels.

JFP 15SS Lookbook photos 10

Inspired by sport and campus life,  JumpFromPaper  15SS  collection showcases bright colors like red, blue and yellow with its bold  outline. New styles include Adventure backpack, Ollie cross-­‐body bag,  Summer Breeze handbag, Boyhood messenger bag and Sparkle coin purse, which is just released on their website.

This  time,  JumpFromPaper teamed up with the young photographer Charlotte Rutherford and several of the greatest female talents in London for their lookbook shooting,  including stylist Char  Roberts,  make up  &  hair artists Daisy Harris D’Andel and Sharmaine  Cox. The latest JumpFromPaper campaign redefines sporty chic along with a throwback to high school days with girl  gang snaps that reveal girl power never goes out of style.

JFP 15SS Lookbook photos 1 JFP 15SS Lookbook photos 2 JFP 15SS Lookbook photos 3 JFP 15SS Lookbook photos 4 JFP 15SS Lookbook photos 5 JFP 15SS Lookbook photos 6 JFP 15SS Lookbook photos 7 JFP 15SS Lookbook photos 8 JFP 15SS Lookbook photos 9 JFP 15SS Lookbook photos 11









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