Voreas from Greece is one of the most amazing photographers to come across on flickr. His captivating street shots and majestic landscapes, especially those photographs of mount Olympus that take your breath away are explaining his views on photography: A projection of the photographers world onto reality.

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How did you first become interested in photography?

My interest in photography started in 2005. I loved it right away as it is like magic capturing the time inside the four sides of film.

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You shoot in nature as well as in cities. Which one do you prefer? Or how are they different for you?

I like taking photos both in nature and in cities; it is hard to choose. However, I believe it’s more exhausting taking photos in the city, because your attention is so intense¬†all the time, as the pictures come by with great speed.

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I saw many pictures of Mount Olympus. Do you feel connected to this place? Or which place is significant for you and why?

Mount Olympus is a special place for me. I would say it’s a place that challenges me to discover my own limits. What is more, by taking photos of its landscape, I try to mark out the majesty and the eternity of its nature in contrast with the temporariness of humanity.

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What do you think is the role of photography in our lives?

Most people believe that the role of photography is the realistic depiction of reality. However I think that photography is nothing else but the projection of the photographer’s inner world on reality. When this is succeeded, the human souls coordinate and they communicate essentially. That’s very powerful and thrilling.

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Beside photography what else do you love doing?

Beside taking photos, I like discussing with friends, reading books and most of all traveling.

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Which place you haven’t been to would you like to go to photograph?

It would be a great challenge for me to photograph the NY and Tokyo streets and the far Patagonia.

Interview by Robert Chang


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