Who doesn’t know Girls on Film. Who doesn’t love Girls on Film. No intro needed. One of our favourite publications when it comes to film photography zines has published its Vol. 2 and we had the chance to talk to its curator Igor Termenon about it. 

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How do you feel about the release of Girls on Film vol. 2? How easy or difficult was it getting it out there?

I’m really excited to be able to publish another Girls on Film book. As in the case of Vol.1, Vol.2 has been published in partnership with independent Korean Publisher SSE Project. I’ve been in charge of selecting the photographs and images for the book and they’ve taken care of the layout, printing and distribution.

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How similar or different is it to vol. 1? 

Although the concept of the book is similar to the one of Vol.1, Vol.2 is actually quite different. I have selected only 14 photographers to participate in the book and have given them the opportunity to show more images. The selection of photographers has been made based on what I think Girls on Film is at the moment and I couldn’t be happier with the images they have provided to be part of the book.

Vol.2 also features interviews with the photographers, which is something I had never done with Girls on Film. Not even in the zines or on the website.

And the other main difference is the size of the book. Vol.2 has 312 pages and it’s the biggest Girls on Film publication yet!

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Why do you think that printing is still important in a digital age? 

I think print allows you to be more selective. There’s so much information online that sometimes it can make you feel overloaded. Print is a good way to select just some of that information and present it in a different format.

Having said that, I think that print and online can co-exist and there are numerous publishers that are doing this well, making the most out of each of these formats.

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What was it that first got you going with the idea of girls on film? Do you still remember?

I started Girls on Film in 2011 when I was doing my Master’s Degree in Liverpool. At that time I wasn’t taking many photos and wanted to still be involved with photography, so that’s how the concept of the zine came up. I knew that I wanted to do a film photography only zine and decided to focus on girl portraits because I thought it would be easier than boys. I messaged some photographers I was in touch with on Facebook and they were happy to collaborate. The first 3 or 4 zines were published only online and after that I started publishing print versions of each new issue.

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What do you yourself enjoy shooting at the moment?

I’ve been shooting quite a lot of fashion lately. It’s probably one of my favourite things to shoot, although I must say that I find organising photo shoots and dealing with models, publications, etc quite stressful!

I’m also trying to spend more time on personal projects like my ongoing series A Day in Glasgow. I’ve been taking these photos since 2013 and I hope to take some more this year.

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Is there going to be a girls on film vol. 3?

It’s a little early to know if there will be a Vol.3 but I hope so! I can confirm that there will be a Boys on Film Vol.2 really soon. I’m currently working on the selection of photographers.

Interview by Amanda Akiyama

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