Prodromos Emmanouilids is an analogue photographer from Greece, who can capture anything he wants and always make it feel special and bear his signature. With an immense archive, he luckily continues snapping and is unstoppable when it comes to capturing the right moment.

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How does photography differ from other forms of art? 

I think today anyone can take a photo and does! You don’t need any special technical knowledge to practice the art of photography. That doesn’t  mean than anyone who practices it is great at it but it’s an opportunity other forms of art don’t allow.

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Why do you prefer to work analogue? And which film format serves you best? 

Analogue just happens!!! In the beginning I started analogue but back then we only had analogue cameras. I started at the age of 12 taking pictures at school trips and other events. About ten years ago I bought my first digital camera.  A compact one.  By that time I had a pc  and used it to edit my pictures.  But I prefer analogue cause I like the aesthetics of the image better, secondly cause i don’t really edit my photographs anymore and last analogue gives you the feeling of expectation. About the format, I ll name my 3 favorite cameras. A zenit 12xp, a lubitel  2 and fuji  instax.

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What are the differences when you shoot another person and when you take a self portrait?

First let me tell you that if I could use other models as often as I want , I would capture myself less. Hahaha. The difficulty shooting myself especially when I do it analogue is that you can’t check the result of the photograph and you have limited angles. Capturing other models give me a freedom that self-portraits deprive me of.

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You have a special perspective. Do you think much before you take a picture? What is your process?

Photography for me is a need.  When I walk out in the world on a daily basis, suddenly I see an image that I want to keep “alive”. I don’t think, I just shoot! My “process”  is to preserve a memory of my  experiences and of the environment I live in but when I need to create an image  I have to put a truth in it. A truth of mine, of the models, of the situation.

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Fetish. How important are fetishes in people’s life and in art? 

Fetishes are part of life. Or better we can say “part” of our pleasure. I don’t think having fetishes is important but I think it is important if we have a fetish to let it grow inside us and blossom. I have a fetish. I like taking pictures and videos during sex. Digital ones. It’s much easier. Hahaha! So I use a form of art as a fetish. It can work also in other ways, we can use fetishes and make art.

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I see your projects always tell stories. What are the projects you are working on right now?

I think I’m always working on a project  but never intentionally. For example, I spent the last 3 months back in my hometown harvesting and processing olives. Our family business.  I captured countless photographs  with my cameras both digital and analogue and mobile photos of all my family during work, lunch, and other activities.  This is a project. In the countryside, “countrygirls” was also born, some fairies I bought from a kiosk and started capturing with my mobile everywhere!!!! I think this will be my next project. I cant tell when it will end but I know it will start soon!

Interview by Robert Chang

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