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What was the inspiration that led you to create AKIRA MUSHI?
Adventure – team work – local production – Entrepreneurship – love of the design process – sustainable business dream – sustainable creativity.
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The first day I walked into your shop in Fokionos st. in Athens, I heard the cutest story. It was about your label and how it got its name. Would you mind telling us again?
Yes! The name of our label Akira Mushi comes from the combination of the names of or dogs  Akira and Mushi! It had a feel good vibe when we first came up with this name and we said : lets do it!
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Athens is quite controversial when it comes to fashion. What kind of people does AKIRA MUSHI seek for and what kind of people does it attract?
It seeks for people who want to feel comfortable in their clothing and at the same time are interested in clothing with a twist – a small detail in design that differentiates  the final piece of clothing from the massive fashion market!
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Your designs have a certain aesthetic which is a little unsual. I remember some pieces that come with double sleeves On both sides and they really caught my attention. What was the idea behind it? 
Well,  Akira Mushi stands  for fun wear – easy wear and playing with clothing today! The idea is that some of our designs could be worn in not just one way and that from our point of view makes it far more interesting …playing with your clothes and  having fun! We believe that fashion above all should be fun!;)
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What piece of clothing would you like to see people wearing more? What would it be if you could replace such a common piece of clothing as blue jeans?
The basic parameter of our selling process is the feel – good factor thus whatever feels easy to wear and comfy is a major yes yes to us! ….blue jeans ..that’s a hard question …well ..again we would propose some really easy to wear trousers – pants or tights! The pants  category is one of the most difficult one in terms of combining an excellent fitand the easywearfactor! But then ..you should try the Akira Mushi trousers 😉
Interview by Callikrati Vuyuk
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