Cary Fagan is a 24-year old African American Born in Phoenix, Arizona currently living in Houston, Texas.  Cary has a day job as a Sales Associate for American Apparel, but spends most of his time working as a Freelance Photographer.


How did you start photographing?

I started taking photographs when I was around 18 years old. I played with the idea of just shooting around in random locations, hoping to get something interesting out of it. I wanted to do something creative to the balance of what I was doing in school.


What makes you choose film over digital?

Film demands that thought be put into the composition of each image before the shutter button is pressed. Therefore I find film to be more challenging, but consequently more rewarding when one strikes photographic gold. For me at least, there’s more to celebrate in a ‘brilliant’ film photograph than a digital one.


How do you come up with an idea? How do you plan/work?

it depends on how much I want to escape reality…When I plan, usually there’s a story that has to be created to emulate the concept. I have a journal of stories that I’ve done, or want to do in the future. Don’t misunderstand, Houston is a beautiful city, but I guess inspiration depends more on how much you’re surrounded by creative and alternative people/ friends.


How do your surroundings influence you?

My surroundings affect my work very much. All my ideas are born from the things I see and from the things I think of. I hear something and I have an idea or maybe when I see something (usually foreign films) it can start a story inside me. But it’s the people around me that influence me the most. I am lucky to have friends around me with whom I can discuss my ideas and thoughts. I cherish the fact that they can dish out their opinions honestly to me without feeling bad.


Do you usually work with friends or strangers?

I prefer working with friends fact being that the chemistry is already established giving more of an opportunity to create something eclectic. Although, I am not opposed to working with strangers, would have to spend sometime with them first before shooting to establish some chemistry.


If I could peak into your fridge right now what would I find?

Pizza Rolls, and Lemonade

Interview by Amanda Akiyama