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Loneliness – socio-psychological phenomenon, emotional state associated with the lack of relatives, positive emotional connections with people and / or the fear of their loss as a result of forced or having psychological causes of social isolation.


Loneliness can feel young man or woman who cannot find a suitable partner, or an elderly person who has lost friends and relatives and not able to find a common language with the younger generation. Loneliness is often experienced by people with inertial nervous system, barely making new contacts, slowly getting used to new acquaintances. In extreme cases, loneliness can lead to depression.


There are a number of psychological factors that contribute to loneliness. For example, it may be low self-esteem, which leads to the avoidance of contact with other people because of fear of being criticized, which, in turn, creates a vicious circle – as a result of lack of self-esteem even more contacts falls. Weak communication skills also contribute to loneliness. People with poorly developed interpersonal skills, low socialization because of fear of failure in a relationship or get into the psychological addiction also often seek to be alone, especially if they already have a bad experience with other people. Loneliness as a condition is often expressed in music, film, literature and poetry.

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