Stefan Dotter is a photographer and creative director based in Berlin. His work centers around the exploration of shapes and forms around the female body. His cultural awareness coming from his work as the Editor in Chief of WhiteLies Magazine is a quintessential ingredient in his photographs, along with a unique aesthetic.


Would you say you prefer black and white to colour? Why or why not?

It’s completely dependent on the subject and the situation of the photograph. I love the way of black and white photography because it’s much more quiet and with less distractions. But going for the colourless look is also an easy way out. I used to prefer black & white but nowadays I’m trying to get more colour into my work.


How did you start photographing?

End of 2013 I bought a cheap camera, went to London Fashion Week and photographed beautiful people in the streets. That’s pretty much it.


How do you work when you shoot fashion and how when it s personal stuff?

There’s not much difference in personal and fashion work for me. In the end most of what I do is personal work and the fashion is just an aesthetic component to the picture. I work very spontaneous and try to let “things happen” on set.


How important is fashion to you? Have you always been interested in fashion photography?

I guess I was interested in fashion before I was interested in photography. I strive after all things that are aesthetic to me and fashion takes an important role in that.


Where do you get inspiration from?

Can be anything, but most of the time it’s other artists work or strong personalities that you meet.


Is there a personal project in your mind that you would love to work on?

In my mind I’m working on a weird project with realtors, stay tuned.

Interview by Amanda Akiyama