Meet Hannah Grunden- Cyber Kawaii genius

Hannah Grunden is a brightly colourful fashion stylist & illustrator based in London, UK. Whether its styling or drawing, she understands how to create magical my little pony-cyber worlds. Originally from California, she moved to London to attend the London College of Fashion. By now, her work has been featured in many magazines, such as Fizzy, Polyester, Noctis, Vice, and Superhero.

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How did you decide to become an illustrator and stylist?

Looking back I’ve always been doing fashion illustration- I wasn’t exactly aware of it until I moved to London! I became an illustrator and stylist through my courses at London College of Fashion- I was really into the idea of image-making during my illustration course, then when I decided to do another year of study I was placed onto a styling course. I had assisted stylists before but it wasn’t until I was doing my own shoots that I knew I wanted to be a stylist.


Where do you get your inspiration from?

My inspiration comes from many places- people I meet, books I read, there are some great film makers who inspire me too. But a lot of times ideas don’t just pop into my head, they usually come off of a tangent of something else, and develop and change the more I research.


As a stylist, how do you like to dress? Are there some pieces you cant go without?

When I’m shooting I like to be practical, and I am working so that means my nails can’t be too long (otherwise I can’t do buttons!) I have to wear comfortable enough shoes, however when I’m not working I do like to have fun and dress up! My favourite piece right now is a holographic cap that I stuck crystals in.


What’s your favourite colour and why?

I’m not sure if I have a favourite colour! It keeps changing. I’m also just obsessed with anything colourful, I’m not really a grey or brown person. And even if I chose a favourite colour it would have to be sparkly wink emoticon.


If you could choose to be a cartoon character, which one would it be?

This is a very difficult question as I love cartoons!!! But if I had to be one I would definitely be a superhero, so maybe Sailor Neptune from Sailor Moon or one of the Powerpuff Girls. I also love Rarity from My Little Pony and all of the Hamutaro characters- it would be fun to be an animal too!


Are you working on something right now?

Right now I am working on my online shop SSALACIA, named after the sea queen Salacia. I’ve got several shoots lined up and am working on the next issue of Superhero mag where I’m fashion editor.

Interview by Emma TheCatt