P.L.N. – Breathing the Universe of Youth

P.L.N. is one of the best new things to come out of Denmark. The Danish menswear brand created by Peter Lundvald Nielsen lives and breathes the universe of classic menswear and youth subcultures in our favourite melancholy monochrome designs.


Tell us a few things about your brand’s id.

P.L.N. is a Danish menswear brand that lives to explore the universe of classic menswear and youth. For me is it not just clothes. I think that my dream is to be the best when it comes to teenage subcultures and to combine it with a classic image. I believe the image and a common thread through all of my designs are very important.


What drew you to the field of menswear?

I will describe myself as a creative person when it comes to clothing, art and music. I do not come from a family with the greatest creative efforts, but for me it just comes naturally. It’s actually kind of funny, my brother is also in the creative field and is acting. Just shows, that social inheriting can be broken, and that you should follow your dreams. What drew me into the wonderful but hard field of youthful, and to me, classic menswear is the fact that I want to get up in the morning and feel that I am working within a profession that I love. I want to work in a creative environment and I hope to be in the fashion industry for many years to come.


Where do you get inspiration from? And how do you describe your aesthetic?

A lot of my inspiration comes from a variety of subcultures, but also from different kind of artists and photographers. Right now I am working on a F/W15 collection where quotes play an important role in the entire collection. So quotes and poetry are also a source of inspiration.

When it comes to the aesthetic part, I definitely go after clean lines in the entire collection. For me the cleanness and the clear lines are very important. The whole ideology behind P.L.N. is the combination of classic menswear pieces and the twist of youth in the context of colors, cuts and not least inspiration from different subcultures.


Which fashion designers do you most admire?

It’s a really hard question because I like many menswear brands and I do not stick to one brand in my own wardrobe. But if I have to choose one which I admire the most it has to be Raf Simons, whom I look up to and think has had a big impact upon the menswear industry. I also like Gosha Rubchinskiy and the history behind the brand. It is a unique brand and very inspiring.


Any hints on the future?

P.L.N.’s future looks hopefully very bright. I fly to Paris in August to create the P.L.N. F/W15 lookbook together with the talented photographer Magdalena Lawniczak. It excites me because it´s a big opportunity for me and my brand. Another important thing and a mantra for me, is to take things year by year.

Interview by Yannis Skarakis