Peter Lin – Getting under your skin.

Peter Lin- Kun Shan University graduate- is the multitalented owner of Ibiza Ink, the most impressive tattoo studio in Taipei. Incredibly skilled when it comes to his tattoo artwork, he always finds himself at the core of the artistic underground in Taiwan, since he is always buzzing with ideas and creativity.

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“I like watching movies, listening to music, reading and drawing. Sometimes, I like to drink in the park in the middle night, and think about the future. After discharging from the military, I had been Graphic Designer for 3 years; however, I was still interested in the tattoo field, so I started learning how to tattoo by myself, and then I owned my first tattoo studio. Being a tattoo artist for 6 years, I have attended tattoo conventions in China, Hong Kong, Japan, etc. In 2010, I held my first tattoo art exhibition. In 2012, a dressing design studio in Kwun Tong, Hong Kong, cooperated with me shortly. In 2013, I worked as tattoo artist in Masa, Italy, and I traveled to several cities in Italy for a month. Then I launched tattoo concept clothes with Taiwanese designer, Jenn Lee, and also joined the fashion show as a model in 2014.” Peter Lin.

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What do tattoos mean to you and what’s their role in your life?

The meaning of a tattoo, in my opinion, is the self-fulfillment of my creativity. Also, it is an emotionally satisfying symbol for the client. Tattooing is my life, my core. I’m constantly absorbing the experiences and the beauty of life, turning an abstract emotion into a physical masterpiece. 

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What was the craziest tattoo you have ever done on someone?

The craziest tattoo that I’ve done has to be the time when I traveled to Italy. I met a tattoo artist there and we got along very well. Eventually, he asked me to tattoo my Chinese name on his arm. It was definitely memorable.

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What kind of music do you listen to and how does it affect your work?

I really enjoy listening to music while I work. The genre doesn’t matter as much as the tempo; personally, I prefer something more upbeat. For example, post-punk, indie-rock ,or jazz…Those types of music can really help me heighten my skills in regards to the mixing of colors in tattooing.

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Do you remember what your first tattoo was?

It’s a bit embarrassing to disclose this, but I remember I got my first tattoo during graduate school. It was a tattoo of my own design, on my right abdomen; the purpose of the pattern was to commemorate a love that no one else knew about. After many years, I became a tattoo artist, and ran into the artist that did my first tattoo; what a coincidence!

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You have lots of tattoos, are you planning to do more? If so, what’s gonna be the next one?

I’m planning to get a tattoo that covers a bigger area, from my back to the back of my thigh. However, I’m still searching for an artist that I enjoy working with to complete this tattoo for me.

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How do your surroundings influence you?

I enjoy the beautiful things in life, as I often attend music festivals and art or fashion design events showcasing the finest creative minds in Taiwan. Of course, throughout my own artisan career, I have a habit of incorporating the emotions that I experience from music or movies; they give me the creative juice to take my art to the next level.

Interview by Emma TheCatt



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