Ioannis Roumeliotis – Hunting for Beauty.

Personality is, perhaps, the most important thing when it comes to success. I had the grace of meeting one of the most creative and firm personalities that I have ever met. Ioannis Roumeliotis, the fashion designer, film maker, photographer, interior designer and much more. No professional term has yet been discovered to include all his talents and works. Nonetheless, this is what makes him unique, his endless hunting of beauty and its reflection to our world.


What was your first creative experience with fashion?

Being the only male of the family, due to my father’s sudden death when I was very young, I was raised with the influence of my mother and three sisters getting stronger and stronger. My sisters were always reading fashion magazines and that had a great effect on me, so I started designing clothes from an early age, while my mother encourraged me trying to give life to my sketches.

You have studied lots of different things, where did you spend most of your academic years?

At the University of Fine Arts in Berlin.


How do applied arts affect a person who studied them and jumped into the fashion industry?

To me Art and Fashion have always been two aspects of the same coin and now the time has come for me to express myself exclusively by creating fashion-pieces.

Do you think that fashion is the industry of sex?

My pleasure, should it be.


Sexuality is a main inspirational source for your works and love is a much discussed issue, nowadays. How  are these two being expressed in your work?

The origin of everything has to do with sexuality and love. In modern societies we forget the first and it is very difficult to experience the latter.
What I provide through my clothes is a covered sexuality that fits everyone and is strongly related to the contemporary environment. In the end, what is created actually becomes the motivation of whom is wearing it , giving him the opportunity to create his own story.

Greece is a not so progressive country and your clothes cling to avant-garde. What was the major fact that led you to return in Greece?

Maybe this is the major reason why I have returned in Greece. My garments recognize no boundaries and neither do I. I find it really interesting that this effort of mine takes place in Athens. This is actually an immense motivation, to prove that producing art, in every aspect of it, is getting stronger in a country that suffers from financial and political problems while its values are constantly been doubted.


Do you think that the Greek fashion industry will ever evolve?

Yes, if they realise and understand the meaning of creation related to imitation.

Talking about the future, what should we expect for your following collection? 

Clean-cut and contemporary lines will be adorned with 3-D textiles inspired by the mechanical disorders of TV screens and Radio frequencies. Of course this will not be irrelevant to the current industrial environment I have created.

Interview by Savvas Aslanidis


Model: George Giannoulis (VN Models)
Clothes: Ioannis Roumeliotis for Men SS/ 15

Photography, Styling etc: Ioannis Roumeliotis, Valeni Platakou, Panos Markopoulos



Tsakalof 16, Kolonaki

10673 Athens