Maria Pizzeria – Kitten Internet Princess.

From inside our INDECENT issue: Maria Pizzeria, sporty and pink style icon, hailing from East London and about to take over the world, has changed the way we view beautiful. I’m not sure it’s possible to describe this kitten cyber princess, but point is one of our favourite and boldest stylists -but also photographer- talks to us about the number of sneakers she owns, the projects she stands for, beauty on the inside, and herself in 10 years from now.


I’m sure you’ve had this one before but: why Pizzeria? Is it just because you like pizza? Or?

One of my friends came up with it, it’s from a really good tune we both loved. It’s also because I love pizza yes, who doesn’t?

How did you discover what you wanted to do in life? Have you always been interested in fashion?

I’m still trying to figure out what exactly I wanted to do. Kind of how I did it was just by doing it. I applied to my dream school Hyper Island, got in and since then I’ve just been doing it over and over again, finding a way to do it, do it and then reflect. Always into fashion? No, not at all. I’ve always been interested in being comfortable in my own skin and  clothes though.

You do love sneakers. How did this love for sneakers develop? And how many pairs do you actually own?

I’ve always been a sporty girl and always worn sneakers. This did develop more when I moved to London and met amazing people with amazing collections and also amazing sellers. I think I own like 30 pairs?

We see “beauty” changing. You are often involved in shoots representing different body types and different kinds of “beautiful”. What is “beauty” to you?

Beauty for me cheesy enough comes from the inside. Based on values and personality, but in shoots most often the viewers don’t know the models on a personal level but that’s why when I shoot I love to shoot and style people I know, to make it more collaborative and make the model comfortable and happy with the shoot. The best thing is to have the shoot done and show it to the model and to surprise the models with an image and say “hey look how beautiful you are” and that they actually agree and feel happy with the presentation of themselves. An image is just temporary, beauty from the inside is forever.

You are involved with established brands as well as with up and coming ones. How do you choose who to work with? Especially when it’s a new brand. Just follow your gut feeling or?

I do really trust my gut feeling way too much, so far it worked out pretty good. It takes time to develop an inner trust to yourself and once you got that, it won’t be a problem to convince other people about your ideas and thoughts. Sometimes I work for money, sometimes I work for love.


To the colour pink. And all girly colours, well. You even had pink hair. What does this colour symbolize to you? And what is your favourite colour?

Pink is the most provocative and bravest color I know, therefore it is my favorite color.

You grew up in Stockholm but are now working and living in London for years. Which one feels more like home to you? What have they each given you in terms of taste and style and inspiration?

I grew up in Katrineholm which is really close to Stockholm but the mindset is million miles away. I feel home in London but to be honest I can feel home everywhere, it all depends on situation and mood. I have always known what I loved and London confirmed that it, there is an outlet for me with me and my aesthetic and that place is worldwide on the internet but it is always nice to have a physical space for it and I would say East London is the place so far. London is full of open minds and open ears and with that comes a huge great network and tons of opportunities. Inspiration and style wise is all thanks to my amazing friends, magazines and nights out.

This is the INDECENT issue. Have you, or any of your shoots been called indecent? What do you think people view as indecent?

Maybe.. depends on who’s the one to judge it.  I am afraid I can’t put words in other people’s mouths but for me for example it’s indecent to use fur in shoots..

Is there anything that you would never agree to be part of? What is totally off for you?

I would never take part in a project that I wouldn’t stand for.

What are you working on at the moment? And where would you like to see yourself in 10 years?

Right now I am focusing on myself and my own projects. I have during many years assisted and interned and worked for other people but I feel now that the time is now to be on my own. In 10 years to be honest I can see myself being a happy CEO, mum and with 3 cats living somewhere with palmtrees.

Interview by Amanda Akiyama

Photography by Alex Mcluckie and Josefin Wallerström