An interview with Actually Huizenga -4th of July.

Actually Huizenga is a Los Angeles based singer, performer and artist. Her sounds and videos have a unique aesthetic feel. She talks to DRECK about her music, her inspirations and her new 4th of July song, “RED, WHITE, BLACK AND BLUE”

When did you start making music? Have you always wanted to be a performer?

I started making actual, physical music on an 8 track digital recorder from Guitar Center in high school (i know- so cheesy). I buried it under my parent’s house. I’ve always performed…like since the Industrial Revolution: One foot in the womb…the other in the coffin (or the fire). We only had those two options back then.


You’re based in Los Angeles. What’s your everyday artist life like?

It usually starts with coffee plus cream and writing down a list of things to do on a piece of paper. I try to check off the list throughout the day.

In your own words, how do you describe your music?

A painful pleasure.


Tell us a few things about the song “RED, WHITE, BLACK AND BLUE” you did with Murphy Maxwell.

I wanted to make a 4th of July song with a dude whom I think encapsulates the American spirit. Murphy Maxwell symbolizes the new American with traditional high-class-back-woods flair.

Also- In looking at the photos Socrates took… I look like the Marilyn to his Manson (image-wise only of course). B+ versions on our way to full honors:
A Strong Woman and a Strong Gay…Singing for equal rights or something fucked up like that.

It’s red, white, Black and Blue. We mustn’t forget the black in the flag… The struggle, the pain, the abused backbone of the nation.

Murphy is the one who reminded me that the red words in the Bible are the words that Jesus supposedly said while on Earth.

Anyhow, one of my other big American inspirations is the president Thomas Jefferson. He enjoyed fine wine, nice clothes, he was good looking…. And died on the 4th of July! And they say he died just hours apart from his drama- buddy John Adams.

They both died on July 4th 1826, the 50th anniversary of the signing of the Declaration Of Independence! That sounds like alien- action to me. It’s so amazing… I really hope it’s totally true.


If you had to choose one song that defines you, which one would it be?

Oh my…..Choose Under torture? I think I need to make money off of something first before I can answer that question.
But if someone had me tied down and they were asking, I’d tell them to let me go so I can write it.

Your songs and videos usually explore taboo topics. What do you want to communicate through your art? 

I’m communicating the beautiful and interesting parts of my own personal struggle/disillusion/illumination/revelation in life…perhaps.
I’m trying to set up Lighting and capture “the horror,” if I may be so bold as to quote Joseph Conrad ( in the vein of Coppola). I use art to navigate the world selfishly… It’s therapeutic in an Inquisition- sort of way.
This connects to the question earlier- I haven’t “discovered myself” yet.


Is there anyone you’re really interested in working with?

David Fincher? David Lynch? Marilyn Manson combined with Jarvis Cocker? I’d like to do something with Jarvis Cocker in the way he did that side- project “Relaxed Muscle.”

Sexy, hard songs and disguising himself as a skeleton.

We could even throw La Cicciolina and Paz de la Huerta in for sexy measure if they would agree to represent naked goddesses of love. Rhonda Rousey for the power…Anthony Bourdain for the good-taste….Oooooh and David Bowie maybe if he wants to get industrial again.


When you’re performing , you’re Actually. How do you prepare? Is there a specific mood you channel?

It’s definitely pulled from something ancient… Perhaps an ancient time with technology that almost equaled ours (one of those ancient histories destroyed by time that Graham Hancock talks about).

Recently I’ve been channeling The Black Death though… Like getting super confused; wanting to be saved by something I don’t believe in anymore.  But that’s just a current mood.  “The Decameron” has been on my lap this month.


Tell us a few things about your inspiration when it comes to fashion.

Future  Medieval. Latex- Black Plague. Androgynous Vampire Horsemen of the Apocalypse.

Any future plans? 

This short film I just finished shooting called “Heavenly Sin.”  I’m just about to start editing….

Also I just finished an album called “Predator Romantic.”  Should be out soon: “Back to school with Predator Romantic.” haha
I would LOVE to go on tour.
I feel like a snake trying to shed but I have to sit in this water dish a few days longer…..

Interview by Yiannis Skarakis


Photo Credits:


Photography by  Socrates Mitsios