Loneliness Online Pt.2 Interiors

Some time ago we ran Sergey Melnitchenko’s “Loneliness Online pt.1” project, a project about obviously loneliness online and people who like to show their genitals on camera. Ever wondered what lonely people’s lonely spaces look like? Now comes “Loneliness Online pt.2 Interiors”, a portrait of these people’s rooms along with an interview about the series and zine as a whole. 

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How did you come up with this project?

At some point, spending time on video chat with my friends I was surprised by this interesting hobby of some young and not so young people from different countries to show the camera their genitals, and sometimes doing this in the most extraordinary ways. I started devoting more time to these chats, especially trying to find such people. I waited until I came across such a companion, then “photographed” him by pressing “Prt Sc”. For all the time I spent in the video chats, I captured about 200-300 of these characters, and then selected the most interesting ones in my opinion. This is how the left side of the picture was created. For the right side, I chose trees. Photos of them were created with the use of a mobile phone with 3.2 megapixel camera, monitor, and “Google”. I compared the left side with the pictures of trees, as they are, I think, representing loneliness the most.

The second part “Loneliness online pt.2. Interiors” is devoted to alone, or rather, abandoned interiors by these people. Just a few minutes ago everything was breathing with fluids of strange unrequited “passion”. And now it’s over. Heat cools down, hopes for an enthusiastic audience are melting, and life expires with a slow poison of disappointment. We are alone. They (interiors) – are alone twice.

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How easy or difficult was it putting it together?

It wasn’t difficult, it was really interesting. I was trying to put them together by colors or by their position.

Loneliness online Interiors 12

Loneliness online. Do you feel lonely online?

As I’m a very communicative person, I meet with my friends almost every day and we chat online when we can’t meet. Also I have dialogues with many other people via internet from all over the world, I love new acquaintances, so I think that I never feel lonely, online or in real life, thank God.

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How lonely are people in the age of communication and internet?

I think that it’s a private matter of each person.

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What are some issues that are being overlooked and need to be documented today?

First of all it depends on the country where you live and on problems which are present in your environment. There are always problems which have to be documented and shown to a bigger audience. As for today’s problems they’re so different that there’s no answer to this question. In Ukraine, for example, we have a war now, so in our country this is the no.1 problem which is documented every day. But we also shouldn’t forget about other problems.

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What are you working on at the moment?

As usual, I’m working on the theme of male sexuality but also starting to make a project which will be devoted to the problem of violence against women. It will be not a documentary project; it will be something like a conceptual art series. And if everything goes as planned, I’m going to make a book out of this project. Unfortunately, I can’t say more about it now, but really hope that I will do everything as I see it in my mind.

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Tell me a bit about your loneliness online zine.

It’s a self-published zine which was made in summer of 2014. It was made with the help of my friend and colleague Evgeniy Stepanets, and frankly speaking, this series looks even more interesting in print. So if someone wants to order this zine, please write – melnitchenko13@gmail.com

Interview by Amanda Akiyama

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“Loneliness online” zine:

14,8 x 21cm.
32 pages
Edition of 50 (numbered and signed)
Soft cover
Color print
Selfpublished, 2014
Evgeniy Stepanets

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