Love x3!

Joke, Bell and Art are three Thai guys who are taking it one step further. Their gay marriage is actually a marriage of 3. They spoke to us about how they met, what love means to them, polyamory, every day life and their dreams for the future.


How did you 3 meet?

It started from being business colleagues. Art and Joke have run their own business together. So they became a couple later. One day Joke and Art met Bell and they liked Bell. Then Art and Joke kept in touch with Bell through Line but they didn’t tell each other. Until Joke and Art had the chance to take care of Bell because Bell was sick by his congenital disorder (asthma) and finally they agreed to be together.


Has your every day life changed now that you 3 live together?

Exactly, it has changed a lot because we are now becoming like a new idol from our marriage. So many people know us and this makes our marriage-life need more. We have to be a good example for other same-sex marriages and it is an honor to be a guest in every event as famous people but there is one thing that we will never change, it is doing a public charity.


You get a lot of understanding and support from people. How does this make you feel?

We are so blessed that many international TV shows have given attention to us and broadcast our good stories out to other people. We want to say thank you so much to all. Whenever there are same-sex marriages, we are always invited to be a guest in their wedding. Now we have been invited to be exclusive guests on TV shows for about 10 TV programs. We want that every guy-homosexual couple love each other as long as they can like we do.


You are probably role models for many others. What would you advise them?

Having a life which we call ‘family’ no matter how family is, no matter whether it is a general couple or like us no matter what kind of relationship, the most important is making yourself and your lover become the same person. It is like let bygones be bygones, stop thinking like this is me, this is what I actually are, but just think that every thing is about your relationship. You have to understand each other don’t be so paranoid. Believe in your pure love that you both fulfill each other, trust your love trust every action you do and intend to do good things for your love….not just for yourself only. If you can do this your family-life will last longer.


How is the situation for LGBT rights in Thailand compared to other countries?

Actually Thai people have lived by their old-traditional lifestyle for ages. So it’s hard to accept same-sex marriages in Thailand and same-sex unions are not currently recognized under Thai law. And many Thais still stay with the old-traditional lifestyle like women should get married with men and just two persons only. There are a few people in Thai society who can accept same sex marriage but most people are conservative.


What are your future plans?

In our family we are all obliged to share equally with each family-member. We care and pay attention to each other. We live each day like the first day we decided to be together, nothing changes. So we are happy and have fun together and when we get older we are determined to live in a quiet place and take care of each other till death takes us away. We will build a good memories, a good place for the three of us for our bones to dust, we will be together no matter what happens.

Interview by Emma TheCatt

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