How to be a happy Rentboy.


I don’t really know how legal rentboys are…depends on every country I guess, right?

I guess it’s not the job anyone dreamed about, but it’s a job… and one thing is for sure, if you are a rentboy you’ll have to do some pretty nasty stuff and you’ll have a to be a mean twisted kid to make as much money as possible.

I’ve certainly done a lot of “mean” stuff …I’m not proud of it, but it’s not like I regret it either…let’s say, if I had to do it again, I certainly would.

So here’s a short guide to survive.

Always help the new guy! The sweet and nice 16 year old Tony joins us. His skin is clean, his face looks like a baby, he is good mannered, he seems to be well off…we couldn’t figure out why the fuck he wanted this job. Tony asked us how to approach people… I said ” Leave it up to me. I’ll do it for you.” So when the first car drove by I told the guy that the new boy has STD. So yeah that was pretty much the end of Tony’s career.

I know it’s not a good idea to steal from clients, but sometimes you just can’t help it, especially when you’ve got to feed your habit and they are not regulars. I know people might say I steal because I’m Greek, but truth is I steal because I just get paid too little. I can’t even count the times where the bastard just dozed off after fucking me and I had all the time in the world to roam free through the house…Just once I had to lock an old guy in the bathroom cause he just wouldn’t sleep and his house looked really rich… usually you got no consequences from it, unless you are stupid and hop into their car for a second time.

Take advantage of any romantic, goodhearted guy that falls for you. Put on the sad face, say that you don’t do this job normally, that you just did it once or twice, that you want out of it, that you have feelings for them too and so on. It’s mean, especially if they are nice, but it works. When I met Ivan I swear I made more in one month than I would have in three. He bought me free dinners, he gave me money to go to the supermarket, he gave me pocket money almost every day, hell he even paid my bills.

Lie about your age and blame puberty for the zits on your face. It’s usually something they easily buy, they won’t ask you for ID or something anyway. And lying in general is a good thing to do…some people will just buy anything you say, so there’s no harm trying. I can never forget the guy whom I told that my needle marks are cause I’m a blood downer and he paid me extra money cause he was impressed…hah.

If the police arrest you (cause in some countries it’s illegal) you can offer them a free blow. Has worked for me more than once, but if this doesn’t work you can try running away if you are fast. It can’t make things much worse…I started nagging nonstop that my bladder is gonna burst, that I’d make the car dirty and stuff so the officer let me out to piss…and I turned into thin air.

Go for butt sex 100%. It pays much more than oral. If the client doesn’t want to, try to change his mind. Show off your ass like it’s the sweetest thing on earth, rub against them, beg them to fuck you cause they are such men! Most of them will give in and fuck you! If not, try raping them. I’m serious, I’ve done it once, I sat on him and put it in my butt, he tried to push me off, but then he liked it. And even if you get a little sore, the money is much better.

by Damianos Moraitidis