EFIERI -Monochrome Utopia.

EFIERI is the fashion brand of the twin designers Efi and Eri Melanidou. Their clothes are mostly inspired by Futurism, Minimalism, Avant-garde with emphasis on dark and fetishistic details.Having graduated with honors in 2012 from the Birmingham City University ‘s course of Fashion Design with Design for Performance, in 2013, they launched their brand “EFIERI” and their studio is located in Nicosia in Cyprus. 

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How did it all start? Have you always wanted to be fashion designers?

It all started at a very young age. Drawing and sketching was always our most favourite activity as kids and by the age of 9 we started sketching mainly human figures with ‘unusual’ clothes! Our design time was our playtime as well. In the beginning we didn’t know what this urge was all about until we became so passionate with it and found out that this was actually called fashion design!

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More or less, beauty standards have changed these days. What is “beauty” to you,really?

Beauty is such a subjective term. We personally consider beauty as the charismas of an individual. One is capable of finding beauty in everything.

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You live in Cyprus. How would you describe the fashion scene in your hometown?

Cyprus is a tiny island with a very small population number therefore; the market in every field is quite limited. However, the fashion scene particularly, has reached a very satisfying level the last years, but we still have a long way ahead to catch up with the fashion capitals!

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Where do you get your inspiration from? Is this something that changes every now and then for you?

Every designer has their own identity and form of expression, which leads to the cohesiveness of their collections, despite the seasons and years. Inspiration comes through from almost everything for us, even though this alters every season, however our common goal is to stimulate a certain attitude and aura.

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Your collections till this day are based, mostly, on two colours: black and white.Why is that?Would you ever work with any other colours?

Actually, for the first time we attempted to incorporate an additional colour in our last collection. Black and white were always an inspiration due to the absence, shallowness and depth they evoke. These two colours will always be the base and any other possible addition to our palette is a new experience to explore.

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Are you working on a new collection these days? What should we expect?

Currently, we are working on our next A/W’15-16 collection, which will be presented by the end of October. One thing that we can reveal is that, this collection will certainly have an exotic core!

Interview by Inge Schmidt


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