Laurie Basset – redefining Collage art

Laurie Basset is a young artist who does not understand how to be conventional. Based in Montreal, Canada she produces breathtaking collage imagery blending clear forms with fashion photography, plants, lines and what else. Collage is rightfully considered a form of art and Laurie Basset is here to prove it.


Why did you choose to work with collage?

I started creating collages while working on a project for an entrance contest held by a design school. I was looking to create inspiration boards and as I was working, my inspiration became more and more artistic. I saw the potential in my work and decided to continue working towards it.


Where do you get inspiration from when you work?

Contemporary dance inspires me a lot, I think it as a magnificent way yo express yourself . I like the spontaneity and improvisation of this discipline. It is a big part of my work. Fashion is also an integral part of my collages ; I use it as a media of expression. I mix this with a Dada and surrealistic aesthetic, where bodies intertwine and lose themselves in one another. Daily life, my friends, my loved ones and my family are also unconsciously on my mind when I create.


What is beauty to you and how does your work reinvent beauty?

Beauty is for me something ordered and worked. I reinvented beauty in my own way by deforming it and giving it a new bonding order… I like to work with close-ups because it renders the human body abstract, taking away its logical boundaries. For me collages have no limit ; I merge body parts with flowers , integrate unusual landscapes, insects …


How do you choose material for your work?

People often have different interpretation of my work. I like to disturb the mind; I choose my elements so that it all comes together giving it a new subjective vision.

If you’d have to make a collage of yourself what would it look like?

Something that will have feeling ,movement and noise. Why? Because I’m always yelling!


What are you working on right now?

I am working with the photographer Amelie Chiasson on a project called “ youth” . We are going to create strong expressive portraits. I am not saying more.


Interview by Amanda Akiyama