Little Sunny Bite in a Little Sunny World

Yoppy is the designer and creative director behind one of our favourite real cute Japanese brands Little Sunny Bite. Having just launched her new collection plus a jewelry line and a popup store we felt the urge to ask her a few questions about her Little Sunny World.


What can we expect from the new collection? 

It’s like you are peeping into a “little sunny world”. There are many animal pieces, I drew some animal faces and collaborated with Disney. I picked Figaro and Thumper from my favorite Disney animation! You feel like an animal next to your boyfriend wearing my animal pieces hahaha ♡

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What was your inspiration this time?

Like I told you before but I was also thinking about “what IF” in your mind and in your heart. Because i think you have must have thought sometime if I was a cat, I could curl up on  a boyfriend like a cat. And I made items that I wanted to wear this winter season! Even when you wear jacket lets enjoy those too! Wear colorful! Live colorful !!!!!


You just launched a jewelry line! Tell me about it? 

The theme for my jewelry collection is “I can’t open my eyes. Because it’s too much.” If you wear LSB jewellery , it s too cute : ) Because you are already cute enough. Hahahahahahaha! Please enjoy my jewelry !

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Little sunny chicks are a special kind of chicks. What is a little sunny chick like? 

You don’t care about ages! Just wear whatever you like ♡ PINK , GREEN BLUE! Sometimes black tho. LSB chicks love fashion and PINK PINK PINK!!!! It’s me !!!


Who would you be surprised but excited to see wearing your designs? 

I love foreign artists! Especially charli xcx , die antwoord  : ))) I love them !!!!!


Tell me a bit about your new popup store? How do popups feel for you? 

It will be the 3rd time actually. But I’m always nervous about it. Well, I printed my favorite look book images on the walls and am displaying some furniture at my shop. The sales girls are important for me. My friends are helping me always. They are super cute in my collection!! We all show a Little Sunny World together and enjoy the popup store!

I don’t have my own shop yet so it’s a very good opportunity to show my whole collection at the same time!

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