Cusco, Peru by Kyle Hale


Kyle Hale is a photographer who is interested in preserving life-giving memories and moments, in capturing the most thrilling human experiences of emotion. He spent 2 days in Cusco, Peru and this is what he saw.

“Words can’t describe how incredible this place is, so I’ll show pictures instead. My time here was short and I’d go back again in a heartbeat. All of these images were captured over the course of 2 days exploring and getting lost in and around Cusco.”

Cusco-Peru-2 Cusco-Peru-3 Cusco-Peru-5 Cusco-Peru-7 Cusco-Peru-8 Cusco-Peru-13 Cusco-Peru-19 Cusco-Peru-20 Cusco-Peru-24 Cusco-Peru-25 Cusco-Peru-27 Cusco-Peru-28 Cusco-Peru-30 Cusco-Peru-46 Cusco-Peru-47 Cusco-Peru-48 Cusco-Peru-49 Cusco-Peru-50 Cusco-Peru-55 Cusco-Peru-57 Cusco-Peru-63 Cusco-Peru-65

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