Dialogue Between Strangers in Nature

Dialogue between strangers in nature

I enter the room: my static companion. We do not let

the outer world in, for this is a private discussion. There

is a freedom to our connection – it is not to be critiqued
or questioned.


I can be who, and what I want to be – as it can too. In this

moment we grant one another our undivided attention.

I concentrate, listening closely to the space opposite me.

Our interaction begins with instinct: a dialogue between

strangers in nature.


Conceptualisation, Photography, Model and Foreword: Demetrius Lakakis alias LITTLE RASCAL




DialogueBetweenStrangersInNature_DemetriusLakakis_LittleRascal_8 DialogueBetweenStrangersInNature_DemetriusLakakis_LittleRascal_7 DialogueBetweenStrangersInNature_DemetriusLakakis_LittleRascal_6 DialogueBetweenStrangersInNature_DemetriusLakakis_LittleRascal_5 DialogueBetweenStrangersInNature_DemetriusLakakis_LittleRascal_4 DialogueBetweenStrangersInNature_DemetriusLakakis_LittleRascal_3 DialogueBetweenStrangersInNature_DemetriusLakakis_LittleRascal_2 DialogueBetweenStrangersInNature_DemetriusLakakis_LittleRascal_1

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