Jerome Licht – Random Adventures

Jerome Licht is a Swiss analog & digital catcher, as he describes himself in his own words. He loves to photograph life, friends, party, travels and models


How did you begin photographing?

I began photography when I discovered so many cool pictures on the internet, (tumblr, sites, etc..), photographer sites, etc..

I realized that you have so many styles in photography, not only the photographer at the weddings haha.

So I watched, my friends, their styles, my influences, my life, and I decided to do something with all these things, and I think what is important is that I like my photos, if I can share it with other people, that’s really cool !


What kind of cameras do you like to use?

I really like to use analog cameras, the results are unpredictable and the memories are the best ! I began with an old minolta but when you are at night, all is going fast and I passed to much time to adjust it, so I prefer to use a compact, fast, with flash and the results are always good. And for the shooting and test before the analog, I often use the digital camera, a strong nikon reflex.


Do you prefer photographing friends or strangers and why?

I don’t have a preference, I like photographing my friends because we always have good time, we’re really close and we like the same things. And I like to photograph strangers because it’s always new, new stories, new experiences, new ravings, new perceptions and I think it’s really important.


Whats your favourite place you have ever been to till now?

Till now it was at the French West Coast for a surf trip this summer, good people, good ambiance and so much inspiration there for me!


Where do you get inspiration from?

From music, friends, random adventures, love, nature, party and surf culture.


What are you working on right now?

I working on a exhibition of my last surf trip in a gallery and projects with new brands.

Interview by Emma TheCatt