113 Maison

113 Maison is a brand new fashion label based in Antwerp. Mariona Puig and Jorgina Carrera create simple, minimal and comfortable designs for everyone.

Tell us a few words about your brand/project.

We are Mariona and Jorgina; a photographer and a pattern-maker, we are a couple for 3 years now, so from the start we easily got involved into each other’s work. We decided to put all beyond the same name because it was no longer individual work.


What was the inspiration behind your latest collection?

With our first set of clothes we tried to define our silhouettes in a very simple way. We created the patterns of our basics and set up our technique so from now on we are going to transform and to experiment with all these new shapes.

We have also established our statement, we do clothes and for us clothes shouldn’t have timing, or seasons, or categories.


How would you describe your design aesthetic?

For us clothes must be clothes and this means that a piece has to be wearable and practical. We love to experiment with the volume, the pattern or the fabric, but at the end if the piece it’s not strong enough to survive in the streets we are not going to produce it.

Our pieces stand on their own, simple, minimal, comfortable, for everyone.


What are you trying to communicate through your clothes?

We want this project to stand as an alternative to the norm because we are not happy about the way things are going on with the fashion industry today. We are a brand with a small production, we make everything in our atelier (design, pattern-making and stitching) and we only buy from european providers. We want to be transparent and approachable to people.

We do clothes which express individuality and personality, but not class or ideology, clothes which cannot be understood by trend, season or year.


You are also doing some photo projects. Are they related to your brand?

Actually, the idea to create the brand came from a photo project we were working on a couple of years ago. We can say that everything we do is related in some way. The photo projects are a critic to the established system so is the brand as well.

Mariona always works with analogic photography, she develops all the films by herself. When we do collages we only use photos from our photographic archive; when we construct the clothes we draw the pattern in the fabric, we cut every piece one by one and we spend a lot of time stitching.  So in the end we still work in a very artisanal way, always trying to preserve what anybody else seems to care about. This is also one of the things why we felt in love.


Where would you like to see yourself in 5 years time? Any particular plans for the future?

We don’t see ourselves in any particular place in the future but we wouldn’t mind still being based in Antwerp, we think it is a place where a lot of things are happening but at the same time it is not crowded or stressful which is very important for us.

In the future 113 is going to be stronger and better as it is essential for us to keep growing in a professional way. The most important thing is to progress but we have never thought about becoming too big as we enjoy doing most of the work alone.

Interview by Yannis Skarakis