Carlijn Jacobs.

Carlijn Jacobs is a photographer and art director you should all know by now, because her work is not easily confused with anybody else’s. She started experimenting with film at the age of 12 and has come a long way creating images of strangely sparkling beauty.


How did you start photographing?

When I was 12, I already started shooting with my best friends, creating personalities and other worlds. I bought a fujifilm when I was 15 and when I was 18 I bought my first ‘expensive’ camera.


Has fashion always meant a lot to you?

Not especially fashion, but more the image that you can build with fashion. I think it’s a sort of branding; I really like the psychological thoughts behind clothes.
Clothes don’t really have my interest. I’m more interested in visuals in regular.


You have a characteristic something in your photographs. How would you describe yourself as a person? Does your personality reflect in your work?

I do think my personality reflects in my work, my work often shows my interests and feelings at that moment. As a person I’m very social, out there, always running around but I’ve got also a lot of thoughts and visuals on my mind. It’s like this never ending rollercoaster in my head. Sometimes a bit exhausted. But I’ve got, thank god, enough energy to do something productive with it. So that’s why I’m always on the go.


What kind of influences or background is there? Where do you get inspiration from?

That’s always a hard question, because it’s from everything; fauna, flora, history, future, art, people, shapes etc. Sounds very corny, sorry I know.
There are not a lot of influences, I’m a person that doesn’t get that fast influenced by others, and that’s why my work is strong I guess.


How about standing in front of the camera? Is that something you are okay with?

No, rather not. Except when I’m the photographer wink emoticon.


What would you love to photograph but never have the time to?


Interview by Amanda Akiyama


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