Ibiza Naked White

Photography by Juan Barte


Ibiza Blanco Desnudo (Ibiza Naked White), is a project on the island
of Ibiza pulled from Barte’s dreams and our shared collective imaginary
of this Mediterranean dreamland. It’s a personal quest in search of an
island located in the world of legends.  A proposal that idyllic places
and, in a larger sense, the potential for happiness, can and do exist.
The resulted photographs are a balance between the staged and the
unpredictable, between fiction and document, in short, between Barte’s
mind and the world. In his own words it’s a place as dreamt as real, an 
island in naked white.


Juan_Barte_ibiza_02 Juan_Barte_ibiza_03 Juan_Barte_ibiza_04 Juan_Barte_ibiza_05 Juan_Barte_ibiza_06 Juan_Barte_ibiza_07 Juan_Barte_ibiza_08

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