He Loves Me is a feature film written and directed by queer filmmaker Konstantinos Menelaou and produced by Ne’er Do Well Films in collaboration with The Queer Archive.

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Balancing between fiction and documentary, the film will explore the unconventional nature of love and its ability to survive against the fear of loneliness and the problematic lifestyle of a big city. The collapsing relationship between Hermes and Shanuye finds an outlet for escape in an isolated beach. Once there, they expose their feelings and release their emotions. Their love reborn might not be enough to amend all the shattered pieces of their relationship.

Through this film Menelaou wants to create a new outlet of communication, which will allow the actors and the director to explore the key issues posed by the script and to offer the audience the chance to participate and further the dialogue when the film reaches its destinations.

The film is expected to be ready by early December 2015 and will be submitted to a series of film festivals around the world.

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Director: Konstantinos Menelaou http://www.kostakis.co.uk
Director of Photography: Kostis Fokas http://kostisfokas.tumblr.com
Hermes Pittakos http://thehermespittakos.tumblr.com
Sanuye Shoteka http://sanuye-shoteka.tumblr.com

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