Sunset by Dafy Hagai

It’s not like Dafy Hagai ever does anything we don’t love. So now, during NY art book fair, she just launched a small publication, SUNSET, published by Perimeter books (Melbourn). 
B00Dafi-R1-01-2 Dafy2619a-R1-00-1
“The publication is titled “Sunset”, I gave it this name cause I thought it describes well the cheesiness of beach towns aesthetic, and also I think it’s more of a metaphor for something that has lost its glory, like a lot of the locations I shot in.
It’s mainly about the aesthetic I became interested in lately and the nostalgia of beach towns in Israel, which I traveled to in different periods of my life. It’s also a continuation of exploring female sexuality. There’s something fascinating about the whole aesthetic of these places to me. From the new luxurious resorts to the history of these touristic towns, the outskirts, and the people who live there.”
Dafy2619a-R1-01-2 Dafy2619a-R1-03-4 Dafy2619a-R1-05-6 Dafy2619a-R1-07-8 Dafy2619a-R1-08-9 Dafy2619a-R1-09-10 Dafy2619a-R1-12-13 Dafy2619a-R1-13-14 Dafy2619a-R1-16-17 Dafy2619a-R1-17-18 Dafy2619a-R1-19-20 Dafy3175-R1-14-15 Dafy3309-R1-05-6 Dafy3637-40x50 Dafy3637-50x70 Dafy3644-02

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