The travelling tattoos of Sebastian Madera

Sebastian Madera was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, in 1982. With a background in skateboarding and Hardcore & Metal music, he started to develop a passion for tattoos at the end of 90s. In 2004 he worked as an apprentice in a tattoo shop in his hometown and soon opened his own shop that lasted for 8 years and had a great success with local and international guests.  


This year he has decided to close his shop and take up a new kind of tattoo making, the tattoo on the road. To start this new adventure, he has had the pleasure of having some important friends like Franco DLS who works in his private studio in Cologne (Germany), and Pato and the Gipsy Family’s guys in Buenos Aires. This new challenge is giving him the possibility to artistically and spiritually grow up. He is continuously doing researche, drawing a lot and meeting new people every day.

He  has recently changed his way of drawing and tattooing: his sketches recall the eastern world and often have stronger lines; also the colors that prevail are black, grey and red.

He has recently become a member of the PEEKABOO crew of Pistoia (Italy), whose members are Rino Valente and Gigi Fagni. He is also working in another tattoo shop in Tuscany, Taste of Ink, owned by his great friend Dalila.


How did you first get interested in tattooing?

I went through tattoos for the very first time during the mid 90s, when I used to listen to HC music and to attend skate parks. In those years, album covers and sk8 punk hardcore magazines were starting to feature inked people and some of the oldest of us already had a few. By the way, in the small town by the sea in Toscany where I was raised wearing tattoos was definitely still taboo.


When you want to design something unique, where do you get inspiration from?

There are no rules or a style to follow for what concerns my drawings. I just get the inspiration from what is surrounding me day by day. Travel diaries, different moods I used to go through, inner powers and environmental influences. At the moment, I’m walking through a spiritual period. I’m focusing on oriental style, from a japanese tradition to an indian one, always keeping in mind who I am and what my own vision is. I’ve recently dedicated myself to color-matching studies, choosing a tris of black, red and gray, pretty flatten with bold lines.

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You travel a lot, is there a place that impressed you particularly?

Well, there are a lot of places in my mind right now, but the one I want to share with you is probably Argentina. I’ve been there last April – and it’s also where I was born! I traveled the coast by bus towards Brazil and Uruguay and let me say it’s one of South America’s best coastal road trips. There’s room to spread out and room to explore, yet nothing seems too far. I was totally bewitched by colors and atmosphere; it has been a great experience full of positive vibes.

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What was the strangest tattoo you ever gave someone?

It’s pretty difficult to talk about weird tattoos or weird positions nowadays. The weirdo is the un-inked one 🙂

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Would you ever turn down a client? Why or why not?

Denying a tattoo or a client happens. If a tattoo is not my cup of tea, I prefer to avoid it rather than achieve something I don’t like. A client who is not going along with you is a person who you cannot work with. I need positive vibes to get and give the best of me.


Will you be getting a new tattoo in the near future? If so, what is it gonna be?

Upcoming tattoos? Fighting pain and completing my back 🙂

Interview by Emma TheCatt

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