The Constructed Realities of Sarah Brown

By Steph Wilson and Alice Zoo
Alice and Steph’s aim was to give voice to the private worlds that we all construct in our imaginations which run alongside lived reality. They each shot one photo per scenario, Steph’s are the abstracted versions of Alice’s.

The photographs follow a typical woman on an unremarkable Saturday, watching her as she lives the banal features of everyday life: waking, bathing, shopping, etc. However, in Alice and Steph’s project the viewer sees what Sarah is thinking, as well as what she is experiencing literally. They explored the ways in which colours, shapes and textures are exaggerated or transformed in the minds’ eye to create a heightened or playful reality, just as they can be in dreams.

More broadly, the project explores the notion of creativity at large: art is created from the same materials that everybody lives in, incorporating particular elements, heightening or dimming them, negating others completely. This project is a visual metaphor for the transformative powers of the imagination.

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