Walk The Line Tattoo-Art Studio

Walk The Line is definitely our favourite tattoo studio in Larissa, Greece. We had the pleasure of spending a day at the studio and talking to Dimitris and Panagiotis.

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How did you get interested in tattoos in the first place?

Dimitris: In 2007 I was in Athens studying at a graphic design school. At some point I walked into a tattoo studio to get a tattoo (some small letters) and I got totally hooked. I ordered my first tattoo machine off the internet as I had always been interested in tattoo art and soon I started with my first tattoos on friends.

Panagiotis: In 2011 Dimitris invited me to design something for him (because of my graphic design studies). He needed a logo for his tattoo studio he was just about to open here in Larissa. Dimitris saw that I was skilled at drawing and designing, because I had been working on my sketches for year, I wanted into Fine Arts school. So, he invited me to work at the studio as an assistant, design stuff and book appointments. Just like Dimitris I was always into tattoo art so I asked him to give me his old tattoo machine so I could start tattooing as well.

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What was your first tattoo you ever got?

Dimitris: My first one I got was 2 swallows on my stomach at Prive Studio in Athens, in 2007.

Panagiotis: My first tattoo I got was a banner with a phrase on my lower abdomen and 2 Egyptian sphinxes at Dildo Tattoo in Athens, in 2006.

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How did you 2 meet?

Panagiotis: It was through a mutual friend, he was the one to introduce me to Dimitris for his logo he was looking to design back in 2011.

What’s the best and the worst about working together?

Panagiotis-Dimitris: The best about working with a partner is that you can exchange ideas about designs you are going to create. We are friends who share similar tastes (music, fun, same groups of friends). As far as the worst is concerned, we don’t think there is anything bad! 🙂 At least so far!

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What was the weirdest tattoo you ever gave someone?

Dimitris: I have tattooed a credit card on someone’s chest. I don’t know why the customer wanted this. But it seemed very weird to me.

Panagiotis: Hehe, I have tattooed a sexy phrase around a girl’s nipple.

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Where do you get inspiration from?

Panagiotis – Dimitris: Our inspiration comes from things we ‘ve lived through and stories. We like to listen to a story or a song and turn it into something. We like old school style tattoos and we always adjust our ideas to it, but we are not strict really. We can take on anything. We always try to have a discussion with the client so we can get to know him/her and prepare a custom design that will suit him/her.

Interview by Amanda Akiyama



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