#SAKURATECH by Apparel K

The #sakuratech collection is inspired by cherry blossoms, technology and the ancient culture of the ninjas. These elements come in a range of clothes for everyday lives that are out of the ordinary. Eastern influences have always accompanied the brand and carry the representative style of Apparel K.
Apparel K is comprised of three elements: fashion, art and anime (and what it includes, like manga and the taste for all these kawaii trends) which are mixed up with urban fashion and the willingness to play by adding unexpected touches of the East.

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Apparel K is aimed at an audience of youngsters who like the three elements that make up the brand, who identify with the culture of the rising sun and who are seeking to communicate it through their clothes.

Today AK has two stocklists, one in Japan at the Spinns and Park Harajuku shop, and the other one in Taiwan at the online boutique Maryjanenite.

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Creative Director and Styling: Zai Nájera (https://instagram.com/z___a___i)
MUA: Ixchel
Models: Sabinne y Cris ( Wanted Models)
Clothing : Apparel k