Body of a Woman

By Marie May

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“When I wanted to take these pictures, I first wanted to address the issue of privacy. I turned to the nudes of a young woman. In every day life if I do not personally know the person I just do not see people nude or in this way. It is through photography only that I have access to the intimate nakedness of an unknown person.
I just wanted to capture fragments of part of the body, I just wanted to show what a woman’s body looks like. This is why the breaks are simple, I wanted to highlight the forms of the model, its assets. I decided to photograph the model in water, to make the pictures more poetic, and secondly, parts of the body immersed in water, only being able to see one end of the body made me think of the painter Edgar Degas’ work: woman in a bathtub, or Gustave Courbet’s: woman with a parrot.
I wanted to capture the natural body of a young woman, not hide anything: I show everything.”

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