Inner Self, 2013

Anne-Sophie Guillet explores gender.

In our society, we have very specific expectations about the dichotomy of gender and the roles that each gender should adopt. However, this dichotomy is not an exclusive point of view. I attempt to question this hypothesis by making portraits of men and women whose identities slip out of the norms. Through these portraits, I try to show that there are several ways of living our lives as human beings.


“Anne-Sophie Guillet expresses her authentic sensitivity individually through her work, with her respective subject – namely l’image de soi (images of the self).
The one-on-ones with Anne-Sophie Guillet’s models reflect the young artist’s interest in issued relating to identity and its construction. Having first been explored within her own family through a collection of archives, the notion if identification continues throughout the series of portraits entitled ”Inner Self”, this time in anonimity. Genealogy gives a way to singularity, an individuation that the first name of the person portrayed, revealed in the caption, represents. This information also raises doubt on the model’s genre, sometimes leading to hesitation, reflecting the fact that the image of an individual may not reflect their inner being and may possibly evade them, while it may also represent the fruits of a codified and voluntary creation. The one-to-one that Anne-Sophie Guillet presents invites us to fully educate ourselves on the role, even the importance, of appearances in our relation to each other as much as to ourselves.” – Danielle Leenaerts

annesophieguillet-innerself-alex-1000 annesophieguillet-innerself-benjamine-1000 annesophieguillet-innerself-camille-1000 annesophieguillet-innerself-coralie-1000 annesophieguillet-innerself-fanny-1000 annesophieguillet-innerself-kim-1000 annesophieguillet-innerself-maaike-1000 Anne-SophieGUILLET-innerself-stafy2 annesophieguillet-stafy-1000