Raw and Easy on The Eyes.

Clifford Prince King is a photographer based out of Portland. With no “proper” schooling or background in photography, he manages to capture images that are raw and easy on the eyes. 


How did you start with photography?

My dad had a VHS recorder and I used to film Sent from my iPhone1. My dad had a VHS recorder and I used to film my toys and the reformation of the contents in my room; I would also film my dogs and narrative their thoughts.


What kind of things do you like to photograph? What draws your attention?

Everything. Just a second ago I took a photo of a guy holding a plastic bag with a smiley face on it.


Has taking a picture ever got you into trouble? 

Only with my family. They don’t have any sort of artistic background, so what I try to do isn’t what they see as being productive. I’ve gotten yelled at for taking strangers photos, but I don’t really care about that.


Are there some photographers you admire?

Ren Hang, Ryan McGinley and Maya Heilman-Hall.


How do your surroundings shape your work?

It’s hard to tell. My surroundings don’t have too much of an impact on my work.


Are you working on something new right now?

Yeah. I want to take photos of friends on rooftops naked in different, well known neighborhoods in Portland.



Interview by Emma TheCatt

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