Ever wondered what a Superultraextra universe would look like? We spoke to Superultraextra art-duo and they let us into the creative chaos of a world they seek to create with their images.


How did you 2 meet and how did you decide to start working together?

First time we saw each other was when 13 year old Eva was sitting at the 2nd desk next to the window and next to the doors Patryk was already chatting with the two girls having the biggest boobs in the classroom. It was the 1st of September 2001 – first day at our new school. In the beginning we were just classmates, a bit later friends. Since 2005 we’ve spent almost every day together.

Shortly after moving together to Cracow, during our studies at Academy of Fine Art, we started taking photos of each other as sketches for academic projects – drawings, silkscreen graphics and paintings. We wouldn’t call it “photography” if anyone had asked us at that time – it was only a base for almost everything we were working on. However, at some point we noticed that the “sketches” sometimes were more interesting then the final work. So we started experimenting, playing around with new techniques and having a lot of fun. Oldest picture published on our website was taken in 2009.


Where do you get inspiration from?

We find inspiration in everything that makes the world around us more “extra” than just “super”. We’re fascinated in and affected by visual language of commercials, mass media related influences and widely understood popular culture. We seek in an ocean of imperfect dreams for the perfect life. We wanna find a place for ourselves in this sugar puddle by creating our own „super-ultra-extra” world. Our main focus is on digital photography techniques because in its nature is the closest to fast and colorful ads’ language but we base it on our experience with non-digital art techniques.


Do you shoot spontaneously or what is your process?

The decision about shooting is usually spontaneous but the idea for a picture most often has been already created. We collect observations, thoughts and ideas to realize them once the circumstances and environment allows. Sometimes the initial idea is only a “starting point” and we draw on it, modify and play around. We have a small notebook, where we store all of our rough concepts to let them evolve.


You are new to photography as photography. How do you view the whole thing so far?

We’re fresh. Photography is a powerful medium and a lot is happening in the “photography word” but we believe there is still room for new stuff, and a lot can be added.


What’s the best and worst about working together?

This question fortunately hasn’t turn into a quarrel but it does’t mean it is an easy one. Because for a long time we used to live in a one room flat, Eva has admitted that the worst thing about working together was that she couldn’t slam any door on her way out, however it’s a good thing that we had to reach an agreement. Anyway, when we’re trying to analize the question we’ve discover that in the end all of conses become plusses. For example we have very similar kinds of experiences – we’re studying together, have same friends, similar interests and in the end have known each other for a long time. All of this means, we can’t add anything objectively new but understand one another halfway through a sentence. It’s easy to communicate, even if thoughts aren’t precise yet. Despite all similiraties, everyone has different strengths. Patryk has the eye of a painter – sensitive to color, composition and texture. Adds abstract thinking to our pictures. Eva with her graphic design and classical animation background always tries to find structure or pattern, to define a problem and create a consistant story. And in the end – now we have two rooms, so Eva can finnally slam some door. So it seems, that in the superultraextra world The Worst always turns to The Best.


What would be your absolute dream project to work on?

Superultraextra Pirelli Calendar.

Interview by Amanda Akiyama