Fabio & Macintyre – nudity is an excuse for making a point

Fabio & Macintyre is a photographer who understands shooting nudes like few only do. He spoke to us about photography, shooting nudes, his inspirations, and the taboos of today.


Do you remember what first got you interested in photography?

What interested me more than photography itself was what it is that an image is portraying or telling you and exactly when this happened I don´t remember. Perhaps it´s something that came with time.

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Where does your interest for the naked form come from?

Nudity is an excuse for making a point about something in my opinion. For me, nudity is interesting because it doesn´t distract. It simply is what it is.

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How easy or difficult is it finding people to pose nude? Do you shoot friends or strangers?

To be honest I don´t think it is difficult since one is inundated with images of naked people (more so females) all the time. I end up wondering if they really are people or just pieces of meat. In my case, I work mainly with my partner and sometimes with acquaintances.


What is your work process? Do you plan a lot or rely on spontaneous moments?

A lot of the times I do plan, but at the moment of execution a whole number of things can change. I follow my instinct and always have in mind what it is i´m hoping to convey.


Where do you get inspiration from?

My inspiration comes from the love frequency because that is what connects me to the earth, the sun and the universe.


Is nude still a taboo? What is a big taboo of today?

I think nudity is a tool for making humans live in a primitive state and for me the taboos of today are the differences between social classes, racism, gender inequality, colonialism, imperealism, humanity´s past, true reality…..love etc

Interview by Emma TheCatt



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