Alberto Mugoni In India.

Alberto Mugoni, is a freelance photographer born in  the 90’s. He travels around the world and photographs different people, different worlds. We interviewed him about his inspiring trip to India, which changed his life.


How did you decide to go to India?

For many years  I studied, saw or dreamed. I thought “Oh damn. I want to go to India, I want to take a picture of people there, of their culture, ancient temples, I want a piece of India only  for me. I need this vibes for my life and my person.


What kind of things impressed you the most there?

The purity of people, the mind, the eyes,  the spirit of life. In India people don’t fear life.


Can you tell us a bit more about your project in India? 

I traveled around India in totally wild style, no room, no friends, no phone, no comfort…nothing! I arrived in New Delhi, 30 hours of train and I went to the mountain in Himachal Pradesh region (highest up 4000m) I stay there 1 month for shooting and understanding the real life in the Himalaya. After this big big experience I return to the middle of India and went around every region and many temples, marketplaces etc etc. After 4 months I went to South India, tropical jungle, ancient temples, wild beach.


Has this trip changed your view on anything as a photographer and person?

This trip change me and my life for always, I recommend this type of trips to all people of the word. Because only traveling like this can change your person and your mind slowly slowly becomes empty. This experience had nothing from our “civilized world” and helped me to focus on the real necessities humans need.


What kind of equipment do you like to document your work with?

Easy. I used only one Canon eos 600D +  + 8mm fisheye + . A lot of battery,memory card and one tripod.


What other places to you plan to go to?

For this year I think I’ll travel around Europe ( Italy, Uk, Spain) for exhibitions and sell my picture from this trip. And I’m also starting a new project.



Interview by Emma TheCatt

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