By Paulina Korobkiewicz

“I work around the construction of modern landscape and reoccurring patterns within it. My investigation isn’t restricted to any particular area of London. These images emphasise the repetition of architectural form throughout the city. I aim to blur the line between synthetic structures and the digitally altered compositions which play a large part in our perception of reality.”

Paulina_Korobkiewicz_1 Paulina_Korobkiewicz_2 Paulina_Korobkiewicz_3 Paulina_Korobkiewicz_4 Paulina_Korobkiewicz_5 Paulina_Korobkiewicz_6 Paulina_Korobkiewicz_7 Paulina_Korobkiewicz_8 Paulina_Korobkiewicz_9

instagram: @pakropka

twitter: @PKorobkiewicz

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